Where to eat in Tallinn

There are places where one expects to find good food – Italy, for instance, or France. And then there are places that surprise us with amazing dishes. Enter Tallinn: capital city of Estonia, it isn’t exactly famous for being a culinary city, but it definitely should. To make a long story short, I have rarely eaten so well during one single weekend.

Rataskaevu 16

While the name of this restaurant isn’t very creative (it’s simply the same as the address), the food served at Rataskaevu 16 is everything but ordinary and it was so good, we ended up eating there twice. As soon as I sat down and looked around me I fell in love with the place. I mean, look at it: it pretty much looks like I wish my house looked.

The food, too, was definitely worth visiting twice: Estonian classics revisited with a modern twist and plenty of attention to detail – a perfect combination of flavors and textures. As you can imagine, Estonian cuisine is heavy on meat and salmon, which is great, especially because the meat in question is delicious venison from the forests around the city and the salmon is caught not far from town.


Right in the Main Square of Tallinn, Kearajaan is the type of restaurant that, if it were anywhere else in the world would be a) a tourist trap and b) super expensive. But it isn’t, because Tallinn is wonderful like that: you can walk into a beautiful restaurant in the town’s main square without a reservation on a Saturday and they will make you sit at the best table, overlooking the square. True story.

The food was also very good, both the cold cuts and the burger, and the price was more than reasonable. Seriously, I wanted to move to Tallinn right then and there.

Restoran Vanaema Juures

Small and lovely, Restoran Vanaema Juures makes you feel like you are entering someone’s home, possibly a grandma or a great aunt. The decor is just perfect, with old radios and other antique trinkets, while the food is surprisingly modern and, in some cases, even vegetarian!

Although everything is great, try to keep some room for dessert, as the restaurant serves some of the best chocolate based cakes around!

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