Travel plans for 2018

Yesterday I went to the BIT travel expo in Milano and, let me tell you, what a “bad” idea that was! Not because the exposition was bad itself – it wasn’t – but for the opposite reason: it gave me instant wanderlust… as if I needed any more of it!


I walked around from stand to stand with other travel bloggers/instagramers/enthusiasts and all I could think of was: will I ever have the time and money to go to all the places I want to see? I have been to 45 countries so far, and while it may seem a lot, it isn’t. As you can see from the map above, there is a lot of world I still have to see… and the bad news is I’m almost out of nearby countries to visit, which means that weekend explorations will become harder and harder.

As I was traveling back home after the expo, I realized I haven’t planned many trips for the year to come, which is very much unlike me. I’m not sure why I’m being so lazy, really, but this has to come to an end: I need to pick up my travel guides and start planning because even the mere act of planning trips makes me happy.

So here’s what I know already: at the end of the month I’ll spend a weekend in the Swiss ski resort of Cran Montana, where I have never been, while in March I’m going back to the Dolomites, which I always, always, always love. In May we’re going to Porto, Portugal, for a long weekend, and then we are going to leave for our amazing honeymoon in Iceland! Of course, that’s the highlight of the year, but there are still a few other trips we have to plan.

We still need to find a place to go to for the Easter long weekend in April, there is also a long weekend in June we need to exploit, our 20 day summer break in August, my birthday weekend in September, Marco’s birthday weekend in November and our wedding anniversary in December… so that’s a whopping 6 occasions that call for a trip!

We are sort of dreaming of Napoli, Marrakech, Montenegro and the Greek islands, but there is also Jordan, Romania and Dubai . So many places, so little time. Where should we go next? Help us decide!

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