Temakinho: dive into some Brazilian sushi

Brazilian sushi? Why not! If you haven’t been already, then I suggest you go as soon as possible: eating at Temakinho is simply wonderful. especially if you like sushi and you like fusion cuisine.

Plus, they make some amazing Caipirinhas, so good in fact that it is totally ok to order one at lunch. I swear.

The idea is quite simple: combining fresh fish and fresh fruit… what could possibly go wrong? The answer is: nothing. The result is stunning to look at – colorful, vibrant, appetizing – and delicious: tuna, salmon and sea bass go together well with the sweet and spicy flavors of Temakinho’s dishes and, to be honest, you sort of wish the foo would never end. My personal favorite is the tuna ceviche, but the rolls are great as well, especially those that feature avocado, mangos, and bananas. As for the Caipirinhas, the best one is by far the mango and pink pepper (pictured above). but the other ones ain’t too shabby either!

If you want to give it try, book a table, because they are always packed both for lunch and for dinner, in all three of their Milan locations: Corso Garibaldi, Navigli and Corso Magenta.

To take a look a the menu and reserve a table: http://www.temakinho.com/

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