A perfect day of boating on Lake Lucerne with BoatAffair

Boating on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

I love boats and boating. I like the freedom of sailing, the speed of motor boating, the comfort of taking a cruise. If I’m on holiday and there is a boat involved, I know I am going to have a great time. So imagine my excitement when I found out about Boataffair, a Swiss company that makes boating much easier and stress-free all around the world.

In their own words, “Boataffair is a boutique boat and experience sharing company” that provides a platform that puts boat owners and boat renters in contact. They pretty much take all the guessing work out and find the right person for you – whether you have a boat and want to rent it or you are looking for the perfect vessel for your vacation. To make a very long story short, Boataffair is like an airbnb for boats, and you all know how much I love and recommend using airbnb in lieu of hotels. It was only natural that I would fall in love with a service as cool as Boataffair, and I did, and to be honest, after trying it once I can’t wait to use it again on my next vacation.Boating on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

As some of you know, Marco and I have a little boat here on Lake Lugano where we live, which we try to use as much as humanly possible given the fact that the boat itself is very slow and we have already seen every corner of the lake multiple times. We knew we wanted to try something different and although we didn’t have much time on our hands, we knew we wanted to go boating. This is where Boataffair comes in: in no time they matched us with Chris, a boat owner on Lake Lucerne who fitted our needs to a T.

We talked, we booked, we were sent a map on where to meet. It was THAT easy. And once we arrived in Buochs, it got even better. Chris owns a wonderful Chaparral 255SSI, which he keeps absolutely spotless: for those who don’t know it, this is a 25-foot (7.5 meter) American boat that is just perfect for having a great time, with ample room to sit in the sun, eat, drink and party.

Chris is a wonderful captain: he speaks great English, knows a lot about the lake and, most importantly, knows exactly where to go and when. Lake Lucerne is large, and has many fjord-like fingers, and is a fun place to be if you are with someone, like Chris, who knows his way around it. There is something for everyone, and our Captain definitely knew what to show us: he showed us around the beautiful area from Viznau to Lucerne then, once we reached the city, we stopped at a great sunset bar on the water – exactly what we had in mind for a relaxing afternoon on the water. He also took us to a wonderful restaurant that can only be reached by boat – how cool is that? – which was definitely the highlight of our day, followed by watching the most amazing sunset while we were cruising on the lake.

It is hard to pick what our favorite part of the day was, as everything was absolutely great, what I can say is that it would have never been so incredibly easy and pleasant if it hadn’t been for the amazing folks at Boataffair: we had rented many boats before, but we never had this much fun and we never had such a seamless and perfect experience. So if you are like me, and love a good boating day or a whole boating holiday, do yourself a favor and register on boataffair.com: it’s free, it only takes a minute and in no time you’ll be browsing their incredible selection of boats around the world. Whatever you are looking for you’ll find it and you will have the time of your life, I promise!



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