L’Ov Milano review: fall in L’Ov with some amazing eggs

I fell in love with L’Ov Milano – the place to go to in Milan if, like me, you are an egg addict.

When people ask me if I don’t miss living in Florida, my answer is usually a flat-out “no”, especially if I stop and think about the heat and the humidity. But if I really have to come up with something that I miss about living there, it’s something food related. It’s the eggs – or at least the way they were on menus in restaurants everywhere over there.

I know, it sounds kind of crazy. But hear me out: until recently, finding amazing egg dishes in restaurants, even in a large city such as Milan, was difficult. The typical Italian breakfast gravitates around sweets – croissants, jams, honey… that sort of thing – and brunch wasn’t a thing until a couple of years ago, so you might see what I mean: eggs were nowhere to be found, considered something you cook and eat at home and not restaurant material.

But finally all that has changed, and imagine my glee when I found out that there is a place (actually two, they recently opened a second location) in Milano where eggs are the shining stars on what I can only describe as my dream menu.

L’Ov, located in Viale Premuda, is the perfect place to go to if you are looking for great eggs and a fun, relaxed atmosphere, with a cool Brooklin vibe. Open from morning to dinner, here you can have all sorts of egg-based dishes, as well as salads, burgers, and pasta, along with brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

Eggs Benedict at L'Ov Milano

As an egg enthusiast, I naturally gravitated towards egg dishes, although the tartares and pokes also sounded very good. The Oslo Benedicts (14 €) were probably my favorite: perfectly poached eggs with a wonderfully runny yolk are topped with homemade hollandaise sauce and served over a crunchy toast with smoked salmon – the ideal dish for both lunch or brunch.

The Kyoto Omelette (14 €) was also a big hit: this Japanese style omelet is filled with delicate cream cheese and smoked salmon (what can I say… I can’t resist ordering dishes with smoked salmon in them) and is soft and light as a cloud plus it comes with hand-cut country-style fried potatoes… need I say more?

Kyoto Japanese style omelet at L'Ov Milano

If you like scrambled eggs and you want to try something different, L’Ov has three different kinds, all for 10 €: the asparagus and scamorza are tasty and delicious, and so are the ones with pesto and potatoes. Fried eggs (12 €), too, are wonderful and they come in two varieties: either with culatello or with smoked salmon and no, I didn’t order the smoked salmon ones, but the variety with culatello which was salty yet delicate and just plain delicious.

While you can enjoy coffee with your eggs, you can also have awesome craft beer (we had the IPA and it was crisp and refreshing and just perfect with the Benedicts) or even a cocktail, as L’Ov features a full bar. On Saturdays and Sundays, the brunch is very popular: with a full version – which features everything you might dream of, from eggs to pancaked and everything in between – and a “light version” which is only slightly smaller, it’s something I dream of at night. So will I go back at L’Ov? You bet… there is no such thing as too many eggs in my diet and L’Ov is the right place for an egg lover like me to enjoy them in any possible way.

L’Ov Milano
Viale Premuda 14, Milano

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