Branzino tartare with zucchini blossoms

While yesterday looked like the world was going to end, with rain and wind and the likes, today the sky is blue and spring is in the air, although, I have to say, it is still really cold out. Every year, in march, I find myself gravitating between winter, hearty meals and light, spring-like dishes , depending on the day: so while last night a good pasta bake was in order (along with a nice fire in the fireplace) today I feel like eating something a little more summery: a good branzino tartare.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for the mountains -Laxx first and then Lenzerheide- so I thought it would be a good idea to avoid meat and cheese today… I’m sure I’ll have plenty while I’m gone! 😉


Serves 4 3/4 pounds Mediterranean seabass, minced 6 baby zucchini with their flowers A handful of basil 1 lime 1 shallot, thinly sliced 1 tomato, cubed Tabasco EVOO Salt and pepper Mince zucchini flowers, , wash the zucchini and cut into small cubes. Thinly slice shallot and soak in cold water for about 10 minutes. Drain, dry and place into a blender with a little olive oil, salt to taste, juice of a half lime, a handful of fresh basil and few drops of Tabasco. Mix the minced seabass with the cubed tomato, zucchini and their flowers. Season with salt and pepper and season with the sauce you made in the blender. Shape using a mold and enjoy immediately.

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