Beato Te review: gourmet pizza and amazing burgers

There was a time when pizza was just pizza: one crust, ten or twelve options, standard ingredients: and it was fine, of course, because pizza is amazing, even when it’s the simplest of pies. Still, when “gourmet pizzas” started to be a thing, I was secretly thrilled: as much as I love a regular Margherita or Marinara, the idea of experimenting with different and unusual toppings and flavors intrigued me. So I was thrilled to try the creations of Beato Te, a restaurant and pizzeria near Via Lorenteggio that specialized in gourmet pies.

Located off the beaten path, it was obvious from the get-go that people who eat there did not just walk by: they specifically came to Beato Te because they loved its pizza. I was even more intrigued: the restaurant was jam-packed, its large terrace filled with customers – mostly groups of friends and young families – and everyone looked like they couldn’t wait to bite into their pizza.

At Beato Te, when it comes to pizza, the choices are endless. First, you get to choose between a whopping 11 types of dough: from regular to gluten-free, from hemp to kamut, there is something for everyone.  I was tempted by the multigrain dough, as well as by the one made with quinoa, but in the end, I opted for the vegetable charcoal one, which is black in color and is highly digestible even by people who – like me- sometimes have a hard time digesting yeast-based foods in general and pizza in particular.

Beato Te Milano review: gourmet pizza

Of course, the dough is only the beginning: once you have picked your base, you can choose from an incredible array of fresh and high-quality ingredients to compose your pizza, including spicy ‘nduja sausage from Calabria, soft burrata cheese, culatello and prosciutto, and much, much more. I picked a delicious combination of fried zucchini, bresaola, crescenza cheese and asked for my pizza to be topped with a fresh burrata. I wasn’t disappointed. The dough was just perfect: its crust just chewy enough and cooked to perfection, the toppings well portioned and balanced, and the burrata adding creaminess to the top – cutting into it and seeing its gooey heart slowly running out was just the beginning of a wonderful dining experience.

Beato Te now also specializes in gourmet burgers, incredible sandwiches unlike any other, both in flavor combinations and in size. We tried the “Occhiolino”, which was one of the new specials and literally fell in love with it. Now don’t imagine a regular burger, for this masterpiece doesn’t come on a bun… but on something much yummier: a deep-fried eggplant slice. The eggplant is then topped with a juicy beef patty, crispy bacon, another slice of fried eggplant, a sunny side up egg and, of course, a whole burrata. Sounds delicious? Well, it is. Every ingredient is of the highest quality and, when combined, compliments the others: the runny yolk and the crispy eggplant, the delectable patty and the smoky bacon. Just keep in mind that these burgers are huge, so take your time to enjoy it!

Beato Te Milano review: gourmet burger

You probably won’t have any room left for dessert, but in case you do, Beato Te offers a good selection of classics, from lemon sorbet with a splash of vodka to tiramisù. You will leave the restaurant dreaming about going back to try other pizza and burgers because the possibilities, at Beato Te, are endless.

Beato Te
Via Sant’Anatalone 16, Milano

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