About me

My name is Chiara, and I’m an enthusiastic 30-something travel writer, with almost 10 years of experience as a freelancer. I have worked with paper and online publications in the United States, Italy, and Switzerland, writing mostly about travel, food and culture.

I grew up in Milan, Italy, and then graduated college in the US, where I worked as a part time bartender and full time travel writer (the pay wasn’t much I’m afraid ;-)) In 2010 I relocated to Southern Switzerland, where I currently live with my husband and two cats.

There is nothing I’m more passionate about than traveling and sharing my experiences with others through my writing. I was fortunate enough to start traveling at a very young age and ever since then, I have never stopped exploring the world.

So far I have visited 45 countries, but my travel bucket list gets longer and longer every day.

I have hiked stunning mountains, skied down incredible slopes, admired the most stupendous masterpieces in incredible museums, eaten and drank in luxury restaurants and local dives alike. I have sailed around the Caribbean, slept on ferries en route to the Greek islands, caught fast and slow trains around Europe and caught lobsters in the Florida Keys… and that doesn’t even begin to cover the extent of my travels.

Are you ready to start roaming the world with me?

Follow me, I love to get wonderfully lost!

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