9 reasons why you should hang out at Fuorimano OTBP in Milano

I’m the sort of person who shouldn’t believe in first impressions. When I met my best friend Francesca right before the beginning of our sophomore year in high school, I immediately disliked her for no reason whatsoever. Two years later Carolina, who also became my best friend, moved to our school at the end of our junior year and, sure enough, I didn’t like her at first. When I met Marco, who has recently become my husband after being my boyfriend for years, I thought he was standoffish and sort of aloof (well, he was, really, but this is another story…)

So I, of all people, shouldn’t believe much in first impressions as it turns out I’m often wrong when it comes to them. But when we talk about first impressions and restaurants… well that’s a whole different story. When it comes to restaurants and bars, there are places that just strike a chord with me and they usually become my favorite hangouts. Fuorimano OTBP is one of them.

They truly are Off The Beaten Path! Just in case you are wondering what the acronym in their name means, it means off the beaten path because they are wonderfully far and away from Milano’s Fancy and up-and-coming neighborhoods. Located near the Bicocca campus of UniMi (University of Milano), Fuorimano OTBP is an ex-warehouse that has been turned into a wonderful space (more on that later) and is a welcome change from the glitzy places you find everywhere downtown.

They have books. Fuorimano OTBP features a nice, large bookshelf with an interesting variety of books: from classics to novels to architecture and art books, here you can find something to read. Make your selection, then sit on one of the comfy armchairs and enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet: this is definitely the right place to do so.

They have a cat. Need I say more? Those of you who know me, know that every time I see a cat anywhere around the world I have to stop and pet it. So, of course, I love establishments where they have their own resident cat: at Fuorimano OTBP there is a beautiful and friendly tabby who’s more than willing to make friends with whoever wants to.


Fuorimano OTBP Milano

They have a wonderful beer selection. And when I say wonderful, I mean it. As a beer lover, I always appreciate a bar that offers a great selection of draft beer, especially when, among them, there is a deliciously fruity IPA.

They are open 17 hours a day. From breakfast to late night drinks, and everything in between: here you can go for coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you are just in the mood for a drink, that’s ok too: they also offer aperitivo and after dinner cocktails. Fuorimano OTBP is open daily from 9 am to 2 am, so it’s almost impossible to find it closed!


They serve great food… including pizza and brunch. As I mentioned above, you can eat all sorts of food at Fuorimano OTBP! They have a brunch, lunch and dinner menus, with delicious options that range from eggs, quiche and cakes to pizzas and burgers: so, really, there is no way to leave this place hungry!



They throw a good party. Because of the way this space is furnished and thanks to its great selection of drinks and food, this is an amazing place to have your birthday/graduation/ whatever party. I’m actually planning on throwing my next birthday party at Fuorimano OTBP and can’t wait to see how cool it turns out!

They offer an awesome environment to work. Sometimes we all have to work… and when it comes to coworking spaces, not all are created equal. I like to work at Fuorimano OTBP because it’s quiet enough without being too quiet, because their wifi is fast and because once I’m done I can reward myself with great beer and a snack.

They are very green. Plants, plants and more plants: Fuorimano OTBP is very green, which makes it a super pleasant place to hang out. Just in case you needed one last reason to pick this as your next stop in Milano!


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