5 reasons to love Cascina Cuccagna, un posto a Milano

Cascina Cuccagna Un Posto a Milano

There are few places where one can feel a million miles away from the chaos and the routine of the city without traveling too far, and Cascina Cuccagna, with its restaurant Un Posto a Milano, is definitely one of the best ones. Here are 5 reasons to love this wonderful place:

Cascina Cuccagna is full of history

Cascina Cuccagna Milano
Quite simply put, you won’t find any similar buildings in the area – or anywhere in downtown Milano for that matter. Cascina Cuccagna is an old Milanese style cascina, a farmhouse, built in the 1700s and recently restored to its former glory. When you see it first, on the corner of Via Cuccagna and Via Muratori, it stands out for being wildly different from the anonymous-looking 1950s buildings that surround it. So yes, for me, a lover of all things antique and traditional, was love at first sight – that and the fact that parking in this area isn’t a problem 😉

The atmosphere at Cascina Cuccagna is wonderful

Cascina Cuccagna Milano
The whole idea behind the remodeling of Cascina Cuccagna is wonderful and fascinating. As most farmhouses are, it is divided into different sections, each serving its own purpose: from eating and drinking to sleeping or shopping, here you will find a little bit of everything, with tons of upcycled furnishings that create a perfectly laid-back atmosphere. The tables and chairs in the courtyard just beg you to grab a glass of wine, sit down and forget all about your to-do list.

The food at Cascina Cuccagna’s restaurant Un Posto a Milano is amazing

Pasta Cascina Cuccagna MilanoTartare Cascina Cuccagna Milano
Let’s talk about the food now, which is equally wonderful. Cascina Cuccagna’s restaurant, called “un posto a Milano”, is much more than just a place to eat in a city where dining options are abundant and varied. This place is pure gold, if you ask me, because every ingredient they use it’s traceable and coming from the immediate outskirts of Milano. The menu, which changes with the seasons, is truly genuine, thoughtfully prepared, and with a special mindfulness you don’t often find in restaurants. So expect fresh seasonal dishes that change all year long, artfully put together and very well presented. When I visited, at the end of June, I very much enjoyed the tartare meat balls, rolled in pistachios, and an incredible pasta with guanciale, cherry tomatoes, and fava beans. Everything was prepared to perfection, flavorful and just downright delicious. To see their current menu, click here.

Cascina Cuccagna has its own flower shop

Cascina Cuccagna Fioreria

Yes! That’s right. As if the beautiful 300-year-old farmhouse and the incredible food weren’t enough, Cascina Cuccagna also offers the chance to browse and buy freshly cut flowers, that can be arranged in beautiful bouquets right in front of you. And that’s not all: right behind the corner you can have your bicycle repaired, or you can learn how to do it yourself, in the bike lab.

Cascina Cuccagna is an oasis right in the middle of the city

Cascina Cuccagna

Can you believe this yard is right in the city? Cascina Cuccagna and Un Posto a Milano share this beautiful green space where they grow herbs and the air smells like flowers. It’s easy to forget that you are right in the middle of the city, which is what makes this place so special. Here you can truly unwind and feel a bit like you are on vacation in the countryside… without even having to take a train or drive too far.

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